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In addition to our usual range of goods we also have the following items available with limited availability or discount prices.

Yellow linen dress with embroidery Red wool coat with embroidery Blue wool coat with embroidery Red wool hangerock with embroidery

Green wool hangerock with embroidery Red wool dress with embroidery Long wool cloak with boar skin mantle

TK Viking Knife 2 TK Viking Knife 3

Viking Knife 3 Viking Knife 4 VIKING TORQUE - 8mm hand crafted twisted silver torque / neck ring with large wolf head terminals

(with values from £20 - £1000)

Jelling Dragon gift cards with values from £20 - £200



"Nordic culture through craft" ~ Since 1997

We sell only the finest quality handmade crafts from Northern Europe!

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Viking weapons and early Medieval weapons. Swords, spears, axes and saexes Viking helmets, shield bosses, body armour and gauntlets Viking costume, belts, pouches and cloak pins Silver and bronze Viking jewelry Viking banquet & feasting supples Viking accessories Viking games and toys Supplies for Pagan rituals, Asatru, Heathenism & Odinism Viking crafts, leatherwork and belt fittings CDs Runestones, t-shirts, gift cards & wall hangings Books

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Viking Age historical reproductions, replicas and handmade crafts from Sweden and England

Supplying the full range of Viking re-enactment gear, supplies, kit and equipment!

The Jelling Dragon online Viking craft store supplies re-enactors, museums, schools, theatres and movies with only the very highest quality handmade crafts and replicas.

We supply authentic Viking jewellery, weapons, costume, living history supplies, banquet supplies and accessories to Viking enthusiasts the world over.

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Recent spontaneous compliments received by email!

Heil Jelling Dragon, received drinking horn this morning, it is the most awesome horn I have seen, beautiful and well worth the wait!
Highly recommended.
Wulfric, England, UK. (Apr 17)


Hello Brian, Just wanted to say thank you to you and your team at Jelling Dragon, the belts turned up in time before I was due to fly back to NZ.
Excellent service as always!
Kind Regards, James, England, UK (Apr 17)


Many many thanks, just wanted to say that they arrived safe and sound, outstanding product and phenomenal service!!!!
Kindest regards Peter, Wales, UK (Apr 17)


Just wanted to say, my Odin statue arrived today.
What service!
He looks great on my little altar as well.
Thanks again, Waes Thu Hael!
Ian, England, UK (Mar 17)


Have just received the beaker that I ordered from you.
It is fabulous and thank you soooo much for being able to send a black one!
Thanks again, fabulous customer service.
Lorna, Northern Ireland, UK (Jan 17)


Just wanted to let you know that I received my stuff in the mail.
Thanks, it looks awesome haven't taken it off since I got it.
Thanks, Craig, OH, USA (Dec 16)


Wow! I am, yet again, delighted with the items I just received from you - a carved horn comb and a Swedish firestick.
And the delivery time was extraordinarily quick!
Thank you for another superb shopping experience.
I never hesitate to recommend Jelling Dragon.
Lou, MA, USA (Nov 16)



MARCH 2017


Wool embroidered tunics - burgundy




Viking crucifix pendant from Denmark



JULY 2016

Twisted bracelets with Gotlandic dragon heads - bronze

Twisted bracelets with wolf heads - bronze

MAY 2016

Horn bowls and plates

Horn spoons and forks

8mm snake bracelet with new wolf heads - silver

Rubber blunts for arrows

APRIL 2016

8mm snake bracelet with Gotlandic dragon heads - silver

5mm snake bracelet with Gotlandic dragon heads - silver

Snake chains with Gotlandic dragon heads Simple split rings for hanging your Thorshammer or pendant Viking Futhark runes set carved in ash wood

Hand-forged 2mm steel heavy shield boss

MARCH 2016

Gotlandic twisted armring - silver!

8mm king bracelets

Large bronze Saxon disc brooch


NEW! Viking ship bracelet - bronze

NEW! Twisted bracelet/armring with wolfheads - bronze

Urnes teardrop pendants


Wool Viking coat

Banded sandstone whetstones

5mm snake bracelet with new wolf heads - silver

New! 5,6 & 8mm Thorshammer necklaces with new wolf heads Halleby bracelet - silver


Wooden spoons

Viking tent

Viking tent

5mm king bracelets

8mm king chain

LIWS1 - Wine Skins! Great for wine/mead/ale/water!

LIWB1 - Large water bottles - great for water/ale/wine/mead!

Filigree beard rings - silver

Urnes beard rings - silver

3mm snake chain

Large Antler Toggles

Large horn cups with wooden base


Horn mead cups with wooden base

Viking Raven T- Shirt

Viking Wolf T-Shirt

PLV130 - Wolf head hammer - bronze



JULY 2015

JUNE 2015

MAY 2015

MARCH 2015

Hand-forged 2mm steel shield boss

Hand-forged 2mm steel shield boss

Large bronze Saxon/Viking disc brooch

Medieval 'Wolf Hall' Buckle

Wool Viking hood - now in black!