All of out amber jewelry is handmade from solid pieces of genuine Baltic amber from Northern Europe

Baltic amber is made from 44 million year old fossilised tree resin that is found on the Baltic sea coast. It was often used by the Vikings for making thorshammers and other jewelry. In use from the iron age onwards, amber was a valuable commodity which was collected from the Baltic sea and traded all over Europe by the Vikings.


Necklaces made from genuine Baltic amber.

EGCN1Necklace, polished amber chips. Length 54cm with screw closing. Each bead consists of a small polished piece of Baltic amber up to 12mm wide. Price £15, US$, €


Bracelets made from genuine Baltic amber.

EGCB2Bracelet, unpolished raw amber, elasticated. Each bead consists of a small unpolished piece of Baltic amber up to 12mm wide. Price £5, US$, € Unpolished amber bracelet and necklace


EGTH1 - Amber Thor's Hammer - new bigger sizes!

Made from cut and polished pieces of genuine Baltic amber with a 2mm hole drilled for suspension, each one is unique.

Please note that these Thor's hammer are individually handmade from natural products, so shape, size and colour will vary.

Small, length 20-24mm, weight 1.2-1.5g £20, US$, €

Medium, length 25-30mm, weight 1.6-2.4g £29, US$, €

Large, length 31-39mm, weight 2.9-4.0g £55, US$, €

EGTH1 - Amber Thor's hammer

EGAC1 - Baltic Amber Chips

Foraged by hand from the Baltic coast in Lithuania, amber has been used for centuries to make shiny amber-coloured jewelry. Many examples can be found from the Viking age such as beads, thorshammers and pendants.

Rough amber chips

Amber chips

Each piece is about 8-18mm long. We sell the amber by weight in 100g batches.

EGAC1 - 100g of 8-18mm rough amber chips (approx. 500-600 pieces), £15, US$, €

Polished amber chips

Polished amber chips / beads

EGAC2 - 100g of 5-15mm polished amber chips with hole drilled for stringing (approx. 500-600 pieces), £35, US$, €