HWMCM1P - Horn Beer Mugs


Our horn beer mugs are hand made in England from a single piece of cow horn which is cut out to shape, heated and then shaped to form a handle.

A wooden base is then added using a food-safe resin. Suitable for all cold drinks. Every one is unique!

All of our horn mugs are handmade in the UK, so please beware of cheap imports!

Made in the UK!

HWMCM1P - Large Horn Beer Mug.

Each one holds well over one pint!

Special offer!

now only £30, US$, €

IN STOCK NOW!!! Get them while you can, we keep selling out of these mugs very rapidly!

Can also be ordered by our USA customers direct from Tree Leaves' Oracle   National flag of the United States of America


We have a few rejects left in stock which have small splits or cracks. They are still fully-functioning and water-tight.
Price for reject horn beer mug HWMCM1P - £20, US$, €

HWMCM1P - Horn Beer Mug (1 pint version)

HWMCM - Horn Beer Mugs

HWMCM - Horn Beer Mug.

Each one holds up to one pint. Rough and rustic, a slightly smaller size version of our best selling larger horn beer mug.

Special offer!

now only £25, US$, €

Horn Beer Mug (smaller version)

King Robert Baratheon drinking from one of our famous beer mugs

HWMCM1P - Horn Beer Mugs


Handmade from silver birch

These one pint wooden beer mugs are handmade from young European silver birch trees that have been hollowed out and then had a wooden handle attached. They are treated and sealed with linseed oil. Suitable for all kinds of drinks. Every one is unique!
Note: Mug will actually hold 750ml, which allows room for frothy head!

Wooden beer mugAPBM1 - Silver birch, one pint - £36, US$, € each APBM1 - Wooden beer mug made from silver birch


Made in Europe from hand-blown glass to an original medieval design

SG611Medieval beer glass £22, US$, € Medieval beer glass