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The following Cauldrons are entirely handmade in England by a master blacksmith. They are beaten from individual steel plates which are then riveted together.

The handle is hand made from decorative twisted steel. They are authentic copies of original designs.

IFC1Cauldron, 1.5 litre£75, US$, € Made to order in 2-4 weeks Viking Cauldron - 1.5 litre
IFC4Cauldron, 4 litre£150, US$, € Made to order in 2-4 weeks Viking Cauldron - 4 litre
IFC7Cauldron, 7 litre£295, US$, € In stock now! Viking Cauldron - 7 litre
IFCS1Cauldron stand. With suspension hook, twisted legs and three toed feet (Cauldron not included).

Height 46 inches with 23 inch adjustable chain.

£195, US$, € In stock now! Cauldron Stand

Waterproofing a rivetted cauldron authentically

Preheat the cauldron over an open fire and then fill it half-full with full-fat milk and bring it to the boil.
Then add melting oat flakes and sugar and boil again until the contents boil over.
The contents have to become liquid if even the smallest openings are to be shut effectively.
The process has to be repeated several times until the Cauldron becomes watertight, keep adding milk so that the contents remain liquid.

Cleaning a rivetted Cauldron

Clean only with warm water and then with oil. Don't use abrasive cleaners. Don't rub off the burned-in black film of oil.

NEW! Pimpstone

WSPS1 - Pimpstone.

An abrasive block used to to clean and shine any of your weapons/armour/cutlery/cauldrons.

Works great on rust, ground in dirt, oil and any welded on food residue!

Total length: 8cm (3.1"), width: 5cm (2"), depth: 2cm (0.75").

Price £7, US$, € add to cart


Hand forged iron grill for cooking meat etc. over the fire. Suspends from a cauldron stand (not included) by four hooks and chains (included).

MCIG131cm L x 19cm W (grill plate) (30cm W including hooked ends). Weight 2.7KG£145, US$, € In stock! Iron grill