The most authenic Viking comb available!

Unique combs, each hand-crafted in the original Viking style from seven individual pieces of hand-carved and shaped bone held together with strong glue and five copper rivets.

The front and back pieces are covered in hand-carved decoration while the teeth of the comb are constructed from five individual bone plates held in place by the copper rivets.

MCCM1Decorated bone Viking comb, white, length 10cm£43, US$, € Bone Viking comb Bone Viking comb
MCCM4Small decorated bone Viking comb, white, length 5.5cm£25, US$, € Small Bone Viking comb
MCCM2Bone Viking comb with dot and ring markings, white, length 10cm£45, US$, € Bone Viking comb with dot and ring markings


Our horn combs are shaped and carved from a single piece of flattened cow horn.

They are especially kind to your hair as horn is made from the same material as hair (keratin).

SGD637ADecorated horn Viking comb, black, length 13cm

Can be ordered by our USA customers direct from Tree Leaves' Oracle   National flag of the United States of America

£10, US$, € Decorated horn Viking comb


Handmade from a single piece of flattened and polished cow horn.

HW3395Double Sided Horn Comb, length 95mm£13, US$, €
Double Sided Horn Comb
HWHSCSmall Horn Comb, length 95mm

£8, US$, € Horn pocket comb
HWC23Horn Comb, length 178mm£16, US$, € Horn comb