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No Viking woman's costume is complete without a set of keys! In Viking times it was the woman of the household who kept all the keys, these keys would be prominently displayed on her costume showing her status as head of the household.

RSKEY - Viking key

Cast in light coloured bronze, length 70mm, thickness 3mm.

Price £20, US$, €

Viking key - bronze

SGS058 - Large iron Viking key

Hand-forged iron with iron suspension ring, length 130mm.

Price £18, US$, €

Large iron Viking key

SNVK1 - Round Viking Key

Round Viking key with animal designs. Length 65mm.

Silver only £100, US$, €

ADP61 - Viking Key

Viking key with suspension loop and gripping beast design. Length 46mm.

Bronze £39, US$, €
Silver £69, US$, €

TH8 - Iron Key

Hand forged viking padlock key. Length 70mm.

Iron £25, US$, €