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Wrought Iron Candle Holders & Beeswax Candles

Entirely hand made from wrought iron & Natural Beeswax.

SGS82Candle holder, Viking Age / Early Medieval. Can be hammered into any wooden surface. Internal diameter 2cm. Candle not included. £5, US$, € each

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£20, US$, € for 5 In stock now!

MCWC1Beeswax candle 190mm x 18mm. Beautiful smelling natural beeswax. £3, US$, € each

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MCWC2Small Beeswax candle 110mm x 16mm. Beautiful smelling natural beeswax. £2, US$, € each

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SGS102Candle holder, Viking Age / Early Medieval. The upper spike was used to attach other burning material when candles were not available. Wooden base not included, the bottom spike can be hammered in to any wooden surface.

Height 180mm (7")

£19, US$, €

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SGS60Viking longship candle holder, 12th century Norway.

Length 320mm (12.5"), height 200mm (8")

£45, US$, €

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Horn Tealight Candle Holders

Our horn tealight candle holders are hand made in England from cow horn with a flattened horn base. Just add a tealight candle!

These are natural products, so shape, size and colour may vary.

HWHVBHorn tealight holder

£18, US$, € In stock now!


Hand blown glass with wrought iron base and wick holder. Just add oil.

SG136Glass Oil Lamp. Height 17cm (6.75"), diameter 10cm (4").£30, US$, € In stock now! Medieval Lamp


Entirely handmade from wood and rawhide, with a metal handle, and a metal base plate with spike for the candle (Now with candle included!).

Wooden Lantern Wooden Lantern Wooden Lantern
MCLA1 Wooden Lantern with iron handle and suspension loop, and metal base plate.
(Flat-packed for easy, economical shipping and now complete with free candle!)

Height 270mm (10.5"), height with hande 480mm (19"), diameter 160mm (6.5")

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Wooden Lantern