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Called Nålbindning in the native Swedish it is also known in English as nalbinding, nalebinding, nalbindning, naalbinding, nailbinding, naalebinding or needle binding

Nalbinding is an ancient tecnique used to produce hats, socks, mittens and other woolen goods using a single short needle and lengths of woolen yarn. Although later superceded by knitting, a tecnique that uses 2 needles instead of one, nålbindning produces garments of a superior quality with stitches that do not run if snagged and a weave that is more dense and therefore easier to felt, providing maximum protection from cold or moisture. It is for this reason that the nalbinding tecnique was still used until very recently in some parts of Scandinavia.

Nålbindning - Pages from the book

NALBINDING Book, Needles & Wool

SGD661Nalbinding - The easiest, clearest ever guide. A4 size 23 page instruction book with full colour pictures throughout. Step by step instructions in both English and Swedish designed for the absolute beginner to learn this ancient tecnique.

New 3rd and extended edition - now with patterns!

£15, US$, € Nålbindning - The easiest, clearest ever guide
SGD642Nalbinding needle, horn, length 11cm£5, US$, € each Nålbinding needles - horn

Natural Woolen Thread for Nalbinding

GAGW1Woolen thread for Nalbinding

Natural dark grey wool in 175g bunches.
(Also suitable for tablet weaving).

Please note that we have only light grey wool in stock now.

Grey 175g (last 2) £9, US$, €

Woolen thread for Nalbinding - natural dark grey

Nalbinding Products

All completely handmade in the traditional way from pure wool.


GAHA1 Nalbinding HatsWool Viking hats, hand-woven with ancient nalbinding techniques in various designs. - out of stock!
GAHA1 - Nalbinding Hat


Completely handmade in the traditional way from pure wool. Extremely warm and comfortable!

GASO1Nalbinding Socks Price £ 39, US$,

Men's shoe size

GAHA1 - Nalbinding Hat


GAGL2Nailbindning mittens £55, US$, €
Nalbinding Mittens