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PLV5 - Wolf's head Thorshammer Earrings

A modern design using old techniques. (See Thorshammers for matching pendant!)
Height 22 mm (0.75").
Price per pair - silver £35, US$, €

ADP18 - Byzantine Earrings

Copy of a 10th - 11th century Byzantine gold earring, found in a Rus Viking grave.
The two collared doves are a love motif.
Height 37 mm (1.5").

Price per pair - silver £89, US$, € Made to order in 2-4 weeks

ADP20 - Wolf Earrings

Earring with Urnes style wolf motif taken from a Scandinavian sword handle found in a woman’s grave, 11th - 12th century, Finland.
Height without wire 24 mm (1").
Price per pair - silver £75, US$, €

SNER1 - Gotlandic Crystal Earrings

Gotlandic crystal ball pendant suspended from a dragon head fitting.
Height without wire 30mm (1.2").
Price per pair - silver and rock crystal £39, US$, €

Viking crystal ball earrings with wolf head fitting

SNER2 - Norwegian Earrings with five T runes.

Norwegian Viking earrings with five dandling pendants each containing a T rune.
Height including wire loop 65mm (2.6").
Price per pair.

Bronze only £35, US$, €

Viking earrings from Norway

Polishing cloth

GRMPC1 - Metal polishing cloth.

An impregnated polishing cloth designed especially to shine your jewellery.

Works especially well on all bronze & silver products.

Total length: 19cm (7.5"). Width: 12cm (5").

Price £3, US$, €

Thought I'd tell you the earrings made it. They look great! To the artist: Nice work!

Take care & thanks again,