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This large polished drinking horn has a pewter rim embossed with the runes of the elder FUTHARK.

It has a pewter dragon horn tip and a leather shoulder strap that has been hand tooled with interwoven Urnes style dragon designs.

Size: 25"-28" in length, holds at least 1 1/4 pint.

runic drinking horn runic drinking horn runic drinking horn runic drinking horn runic drinking horn runic drinking horn

Our Viking drinking horns are hand made from a single polished cow horn.

The insides have been cleaned and are safe to drink from, but a slight horn taste may be present at first, which will lessen after use.

Using the horn for hot drinks is not recommended as this will increase the horn taste. This is a natural product, so shapes, sizes and colours will vary.

£215, US$, €

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