Coppergate Helmet

Coppergate Helmet. 8th century helmet found in a Viking house in Coppergate, York, England. Made from 14 gauge (1.9mm) polished steel plates with brass decoration, hinged cheek flaps and rivetted mail aventail.

PHAB0521 - LARGE (65-66cm internal circumference, weight 4.6kg)

£306, US$, € Coppergate Helmet
An accurate, battle ready replica of the famous Coppergate helmet. The original was found buried under a 10th century Viking house during excavations of the Viking street of Coppergate, York, England and is believed to have belonged originally to an 8th century Anglo-Saxon nobleman called Oshere.

The steel dome has three steel plates rivetted to it and has a brass cross-shaped crest containing an inscription which is an invokation for protection to the Holy Trinity. The nasal and eyebrows are made up of individually cast pieces of brass which have been gold plated. The nasal contains an intricate knotwork design while the eyebrows and cetral ridge terminate in ornate dragon heads. The dome and cheek guards are edged in brass.

Note: This helmet is large! Fits head sizes up to 63cm.