Viking Beard Rings / Dwarven Beard Beads. Suitable for Vikings or Dwarves!

These solid cast Viking beard rings can be used either in the beard or in dreaded hair.
Similar rings have recently been seen worn by the dwarves in the Hobbit movie also!

Wearing a beard ring!

SNBRL - Beard ring / dreadlock bead with knotwork designs

These solid metal rings can either be slotted onto the beard as a Viking beard ring, or slotted into your hair and used as a dreadlock bead. Beard rings have recently been made popular being worn by the dwarves in the Hobbit movie. They are available in solid bronze, or solid 925 sterling silver.

Beard ring / dreadlock bead Beard ring / dreadlock bead size comparison

MEDIUM SIZE, length 18mm, internal diameter 8mm

Medium Bronze only in stock at present - £14, US$, €   

(All beard rings pictured below are medium size knotwork rings)

Wearing a beard ring! Wearing a beard ring!

A happy customer wearing a beard ring!