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BKNT1 - Nordic Tattoo

by German tattoo artist Kai-Uwe Faust

No fun without pain! Kai-Uwe Faust uses the ancient method of hand-tooling to create Nordic tattoos of Viking knotwork, writhing animals and runic scripts inspired by our pagan ancestors.

Kai is the most well known tattoo artist on the Viking scene here in Europe. His work is much sought after as he tattoos using original hand tools and methods.

Nordic tattoo book - cover, front
Nordic tattoo book - cover, rear

Hardback book with 191 pages of Nordic inspired tattoos.

All text is printed in English, German and Danish.

Book size: 30.4 x 21.6cm.
Author: Kai-Uwe Faust.
First published: 2013.
New 2nd edition 2015.

With sections on:
- Women with tattoos
- Men with tattoos
- Nordic symbols
- Runes
- Hammer of Thor
- Dragon
- Rock carvings
- Power animals
- Mythological motives
- Gods
- Shadowworld
- Something devilish
- Polynesian tattoo
- Tools and techniques

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