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Horn spoons & forks hand made in England from a single piece of flattened cow horn which is cut out to shape and then polished by hand. Horn spoons were used in Viking and medieval times.

HWT1PEgg spoon. Length 123mm. Bowl 24 x 40mm.£7, US$, €
HWT6PSmall porridge spoon£10, US$, €
HWT5PLarge porridge spoon£14, US$, €


Banquet set hand forged from iron.

SGS93Banquet set in forged iron. Iron spoon, knife and fork

£42, US$, € We don't presently have this item in stock. Click here for delivery times

SGS240Banquet set in polished stainless steel. Iron spoon, knife and fork

Length of each item around 230mm (9")

£32, US$, €