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Authentic Viking / Saxon Belts made to order

Belt with 7-9th century buckle, decorated buckle plate, RSSE9 York strap end, 10 bronze flower studs, knotwork strap dyed brown.

Our authentic Viking / Saxon belts are hand made to order from tough 3-4mm leather cow hide and come complete with an authentic replica bronze buckle.

Belt with 7-9th century buckle, decorated buckle plate, RSSE9 York strap end, 10 bronze flower studs, knotwork strap dyed brown.

KRVB1 - VIKING BELT with 25mm wide strap - Basic price £50, US$, € * Made to order *

RSB44B 7-9th century buckle RSB31B Liverpool buckle RSB84B Zig-zag buckle RSB45B Dot and ring buckle

Strap ends available

Waist Size (Note: Total belt length will be 16 inches / 41cm longer than waist size specified!):

Additional information

* The brown leather is top quality, but shades vary depending upon availability of leather.

How to wear a Viking belt. Belt with 25mm wide knotwork strap, dyed red, with dot and ring buckle, decorated buckle plate and RSSE4 York strap end.

Instructions - How to order a belt using the above order forms

  • Select which belt you would like to order by choosing one of the boxes above.

  • Then select your requirements from the pop-up menus in the box.

  • Select waist size. Remember to allow plenty of room for clothing - preferably measure an old belt. Four waist holes will be punched at 1.5 inch / 4cm intervals as follows (-1.5, 0, +1.5 and +3 inches). Actual strap length will be about 16 inches / 41cm longer than waist size to allow for dangling strap end. Longer straps will be made from two strips of leather stitched together.

    Standard length belts are between 54 and 60 inches (137-152cm) long in total. Actual length depends upon the leather available. No waist holes will be punched in standard length belts. If you want a longer or shorter belt than the standard then please use the additional information box.

  • Enter any special requirements in the additional information box e.g. Request a total strap length that differs from the usual additional 16 inches / 41cm.

  • After entering your requirements click the "Add to cart" button.

  • You can click on the pictures of the fittings above to get more information on each component or to purchase individual components for making your own belts.


Make your own belts and leatherwork with our rangle of buckles, strap ends and leather craft supplies.

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Viking and Medieval buckles, strap ends and belt fittings. Solid brass buckles and O rings. Leather straps, brass buckle plates and copper rivets. Needles, thread, awls, rivets, thonging and horsehair.