Our Viking bracelets are handmade from solid 925 sterling silver

Viking bracelets for men and women

ADM131 - Runic Viking Bracelet

Internal diameter 65mm x 45mm, but can easily be bent open to fit larger sizes. Face 16mm tapering to 9mm.

A runic bracelet covered in interlaced dragon designs in the Ringerike style ending in thorshammer and valknut motifs.

The runes are taken from original inscriptions, and read: heil fer thu ok i hugum gothum (from a rune stick from 12th century Bergen), meaning "health to you and peace of mind". The inscription continues: Thor thik sigi, Freya thik vigi, Othinn vigi thesar runar, meaning "Thor protect you, Freya bless you, Odin bless these runes", (from various runestones from 10th and 11th century Denmark and Sweden and an Anglo-Saxon manuscript).

Silver £190, US$, €

Viking runic bracelet with dragon designs

ADM58 - Arm Ring / Viking Bracelet from Falster

Copy of massive cast arm ring in very high relief, from Falster, Denmark. Particularly fine example of well-known Scandinavian type. Internal circumference 170 mm, 7 3/4".

Silver £450, US$, € We don't keep this item in stock. Click here for delivery times

ADM140 ‐ Thor's Arm Ring

A runic bracelet with an original inscription found on Danish and Swedish runestones from the 10th century. "SITHI.THOR:THOR.VIGI.THESI.RUNAR". "Thor protect. Thor bless these runes". Internal diameter 65mm x 50mm but can be bent open to fit larger sizes. Thickness 15mm tapering down to 7mm.

Silver £192, US$, €

ADM140 ‐ Thor's Arm Ring ADM140 ‐ Thor's Arm Ring

SNB5SW - 5mm Silver Bracelet with wolf heads

Viking bracelet made from flexible silver snake chain with Gotlandic wolf heads and S-hook fixture.
Chain thickness 5mm. Length includes hook. Made from 100% sterling silver.

SNBTGS - Twisted Viking Bracelet with Gotlandic dragon heads

Fits all sizes! Dimensions 74mm x 62mm, but can easily be opened up to fit larger sizes, thickness 7mm tapering to 4mm.

Twisted Viking bracelet with Gotlandic dragon heads

Silver £160, US$, €


New! Small bronze version

SNBTG3S - Small twisted Viking Bracelet with Gotlandic dragon heads

Small women's bronze twisted bracelet with Gotlandic dragon heads, thickness 3mm, internal diameter 55mm. Size is small, designed to fit women.

Bronze £27, US$, €

Twisted Viking bracelet with Gotlandic dragon head terminals Small twisted Viking bracelet with Gotlandic dragon head terminals in bronze