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Viking brooches were used as clothes fasteners and worn as an ostentatious display of wealth. These Viking brooches take a variety of different forms incorporating dragons and mythical beasts into intricate knotwork designs.


ADBDRAGON - Ringerike dragon brooch

Copy of a Swedish brooch now in the Lund museum, 11th century.
Width 45mm (1.75"), height 30mm (1.2")

Bronze £59, US$, €
Silver £115, US$, €

ADB49 - Gripping Beast Disc

Gripping beast brooch with dragon design, copied from a 9th century Norwegian pendant.
Diameter 25mm (1")

Bronze £39, US$, €
Silver £75, US$, €

ADB64 - Mors Dragon Brooch

Small Urnes style brooch with dragon design.
Diameter 25mm (1").

Bronze £39, US$, €
Silver £75, US$, €

ADB44 - Round Urnes Dragon Brooch

Urnes brooch modelled on English find from Wisbech, 12th century.
Diameter 44mm (1.75").

Bronze £59, US$, €
Silver £99, US$, €


PLV37 - Large, round Viking brooch from Uppland, Sweden

Ornate Viking brooch with animal head & Viking face designs, found in a grave in Uppland, Sweden.

Diameter 53mm (2.1").

Silver £99, US$, €

RSBR3B - Large Saxon Disc Brooch

Large Saxon disc brooch in the Trewhiddle style with a basic iron spring pin for attachment. C. 800-900.

An exact replica of a Saxon brooch found at Beeston Tor in Staffordshire, England, UK.

Diameter 47mm (1.8").

Bronze £35, US$, €


Mirror brooches can be used singly as clothes fasteners, or in pairs like tortoise brooches.

SNBM1 - Mirror Brooch from Upåkra

Viking mirror brooch found in Upåkra, Sweden.
Length 55mm (2.2").

Bronze only - £25, US$, €

Polishing cloth

GRMPC1 - Metal polishing cloth.

An impregnated polishing cloth designed especially to shine your jewellery.

Works especially well on all bronze & silver products.

Total length: 19cm (7.5"). Width: 12cm (5").

Price £3, US$, €


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