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Viking brooches were used as clothes fasteners and worn as an ostentatious display of wealth. These Viking brooches take a variety of different forms incorporating dragons and mythical beasts into intricate knotwork designs.


ADBDRAGON - Ringerike dragon brooch

Copy of a Swedish brooch now in the Lund museum, 11th century. Width 45mm (1.75"), height 30mm (1.2")

Bronze £59, US$, €
Silver £115, US$, €

ADB49 - Gripping Beast Disc

Gripping beast brooch with dragon design, copied from a 9th century Norwegian pendant. Diameter 25mm (1")

Bronze £39, US$, €
Silver £75, US$, €

ADB64 - Mors Dragon Brooch

Small Urnes style brooch with dragon design. Diameter 25mm (1").

Bronze £39, US$, €
Silver £75, US$, €

ADB44 - Round Urnes Dragon Brooch

Urnes brooch modelled on English find from Wisbech, 12th century. Diameter 44mm (1.75").

Bronze £59, US$, €
Silver £99, US$, €


Large Saxon/Viking disc brooch in bronze with a basic iron spring pin for attachment.

PLV37 - Large, round Viking brooch from Uppland, Sweden

Ornate Viking brooch with animal head & Viking face designs, found in a grave in Uppland, Sweden. Width 53mm (2").

Silver £99, US$, €

Each of the following pieces has a hand made pin at the back, and most are available in a rich golden bronze or in sterling silver. All designs are solid and chunky unless otherwise specified.


Origially adapted from Frankish sword fittings, trefoil brooches were popular adornments for Vikings, worn as a clothes fastener or cloak pin.

SNBT1 - Trefoil Brooch

Viking trefoil brooch with gripping beast designs. Width 58mm (2.25").

Bronze £39, US$, €


Mirror brooches can be used singly as clothes fasteners, or in pairs like tortoise brooches.

SNBM1 - Mirror Brooch from Upåkra

Viking mirror brooch found in Upåkra, Sweden. Length 55mm (2.2").

Bronze only - £25, US$, €

Polishing cloth

GRMPC1 - Metal polishing cloth.

An impregnated polishing cloth designed especially to shine your jewellery.

Works especially well on all bronze & silver products.

Total length: 19cm (7.5"). Width: 12cm (5").

Price £3, US$, €


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