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Representations of the Norse Gods in bronze and sterling silver. Odin, Thor, Frey, Freya, Skadi and Ull pendants.
Viking Frey pendant

AD116 Odin Pendant

Odin pendant with a design from the late Iron Age and early Viking Age: a Warrior in a horned headdress with raven head tips.
Closely modelled on a helmet patrice from Öland, Sweden. Diameter 35mm, length 40mm. Hole size 3mm

Bronze - £42, US$, €
Silver - £90, US$, €

AD116 Odin Pendant in bronze AD116 Odin Pendant in silver

SNVKBP133 Frey pendant

The fertility god Frey cast as a pendant. Height 22mm.

Silver only at present - £30, US$, €

Bronze Frey pendant Bronze Frey pendant

SNVKBPODIN Odin pendant

The one-eyed god Odin. Height 30mm.

Bronze - £14, US$, €

Silver - £30, US$, €

Bronze Odin pendant Bronze Odin pendant

SNVKBPFREYA - Freya Pendants

Copy of a Viking find from Sweden. Height 33mm.

Bronze £16, US$, €
Silver £25, US$, €

Freya pendant, bronze Freya pendant, silver

SNVKBPTHOR Thor pendant from Lund

The god Thor seated and tugging his beard, copied from a find in Lund, Sweden. Length 23mm. Weight 6g.

Bronze - £14, US$, €

Bronze Thor pendant

SNVKBP127 - Odin Pendant

Shamanic sword dancer with raven headdress. The two ravens that make up the 'horns' on his helmet could signify that this is Odin or a priest of Odin. Copy of an early period find from Sweden. Height 31mm.

Bronze £14, US$, €

Odin pendant

SNSU1 - Skadi / Ull Pendant

Viking pendant dedicated to the goddess and god of winter and hunting, with their names in runes. Diameter 25mm. Thickness 2mm.

Bronze £16, US$, €
Silver £38, US$, €
Skadi / Ull pendant Skadi / Ull pendant

AD15 - Thor's Head Pendant

Viking pendant with design taken from a runestone now in Moesgard museum, Denmark. Length 40mm. Hole 4mm.

Bronze £43, US$, €
Silver £73, US$, €

AD86 - Viking God Pendant

Modelled on a 10th century find from Trelleborg fortress in Denmark. Length 37mm. Hole 4mm.

Bronze £43, US$, €
Silver £73, US$, €
Viking God pendant, silver


Round section genuine rolled leather thong for suspending your pendant. Length 80cm / 31".

Black leather thong, diameter 1mm£1, US$, €
Natural leather thong, diameter 1mm£1, US$, €
Black leather thong, diameter 1.5mm£1.25, US$, €
Black leather thong, diameter 2mm£1.50, US$, €
Natural leather thong, diameter 2mm£1.50, US$, €
Black leather thong, diameter 3mm.£2, US$, €
Natural leather thong, diameter 3mm.£2, US$, €

We also sell 100m reels of leather thong. Available to purchase here


Slim sterling silver chains for suspending pendants.

CGVVBAHA - Slim silver chain - Single linked 'anchor' chain
CGVVBAHA - Slim silver chain, single linked, length 46cm (18"), weight 2.2g - £11, US$, €

CGVVBBHA - Medium silver chain, single linked, length 46cm (18"), weight 4.9g - £18, US$, €

Complete Viking necklaces with handmade silver chains

SN3ASW - 3mm anchor chain with 12mm and 20mm crystal ball pendants SN5SW - 5mm snake chain with wolf head terminals and adjustable butterfly fitting

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