Linen Viking Tunic

Our Viking tunics are handmade from natural linen or pure wool
All visible seams are hand stitched.

MMTUL1Linen Viking tunic, 100% natural linen (Belt not included).


'Made to order' items will take 4-8 weeks.

£99, US$, €
MMTUW1Wool Viking tunic. (Belt not included). Colours match plant dyes as closely as possible. See washing instructions on the previous page.


'Made to order' items will take 4-8 weeks.

£128, US$, € Wool Viking Tunic - Blue


Small = 75-85cm / 29-33" around the chest

Medium = 85-95cm / 33-37"around the chest

Large = 95-105 / 37-41" cm around the chest

XL = 105-115cm / 41-44" around the chest

XXL = 115-125cm / 44-49" around the chest

If you are not sure that the tunic will fit you then please send all your measurements (Chest size, waist size, arm length, shoulder width etc.) by email or place a note with your order.