The Jelling Dragon

About us, our products & our Philosophy

The Jelling Dragon is a mail order business that primarily sells to Viking and Early Medieval re-enactors and living history enthusiasts. Our customers also include museums, schools, theatres, film companies and followers of the Nordic faith and tradition

Our online store was first created in 1997, after spending years trading and battling around the many European Viking markets and events. Since then it has undergone many upgrades and transformations. Originally it was at, this changed to and then in 2001 we moved over to, which it what we are widely know as. In November 2017 Google then decided that any website without a secure url address will be cast aside and shunned as an unsecured website, so we then upgraded to

You can view the many transformations our website has gone through by clicking here.

The present version of our website provides the most comprehensive collection of Viking age reproductions to be found anywhere on the web!

The company is owned by Rob Wildwood & managed by brother, Brian. Rob is a widely travelled and well known re-enactor who has been regularly seen at re-enactment events around the UK and Europe, both as a warrior and a merchant.

The Jelling Dragon operates as an online retail store for the many craftsmen and traders that Rob has met in his 30 years or so on the Viking and Medieval re-enactment scene. These include blacksmiths, armourers, silversmiths, bronze casters, textile workers, wood turners, traditional workshops producing hornware and hand-blown glass.

We hope to play our own small part in reviving the lost culture of Northern Europe, and to that end we have been supplying cultural costume and artifacts to like minded people from around the globe for more than two decades.

Every week we send out around a hundred or more orders in the UK (54%), out to the United States & Canada (24%), Europe - EU (13%) and Europe - Non EU (4%), as well as Australia & New Zealand (5%). (Based on 2016-2017 sales figures.)

Our customers like our products so much they often return to buy more! Every month now we generally get 50-60% of orders from returning customers!

These include re-enactors, collectors, museums, movie producers, big budget TV productions, theatre prop houses, schools and those just seeking a unique gift.

*** Over 80% of the products that we sell are sourced in the EU and the British Isles!***

Most of our products are uniquely handmade by individual craftsmen. Mass production is avoided where at all possible!

Each of our suppliers and every one of their products must pass the following strict quality control criteria before they can be added to our inventory...

  • QUALITY - Each item must be produced with craftsmanship and finished with precision.
  • PRACTICABALITY - Each item must be suitable for the purpose for which it was designed.
  • DURABILITY - Each item must stand the test of time.
  • AUTHENTICITY - Where specified, each item must be as near as possible an authentic replica of an original.
  • RELIABILITY - Our suppliers must prove to us that they can consistently deliver on time and to a consistent quality.

Therefore you can rest assured that any product you purchase from us will be of high quality, practical, durable, authentic and efficiently delivered!

* The name 'Jelling Dragon' (pronounced 'Yelling Dragon') is taken from our dragon logo and goes back to when we had our first shop in Denmark.
Jelling was the seat of the Viking kings of Denmark and is also the name for one of the main styles of Viking art.
We are still recommended by the Ribe Viking Center in Denmark and you can find the link back to us here

** Please note that The Jelling Dragon is not a regular mail order company. Although many of our products are available "off the shelf", many have to be handmade to order by skilled craftsmen, and so may take some time to produce if we don't already have them in stock.

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