Metal cleaning products

Jewelry Cleaning Kits & Pimpstones

If you want to keep all of your jewelry / armour / weapons & any other metalware as shiny as the day you bought it then you will need both of these!

CGSCK1 - Silver Cleaning Kit

CGSCK1 - Silver Cleaning Kit

Silver polishing kit designed especially to clean & shine your jewelry.

  • Works especially well on all bronze & silver products.
  • Includes polishing cloth & 2 x moist silver polish tissues.
  • Cloth size: 18 x 12.5cm (7 x 5").
  • In a handy folded wallet, ideal for travel!

CGSCK1 - Silver Cleaning Kit:
£4.00 (US$ | €)

WSPS1 - Pimpstone


An abrasive block used to to clean and shine any metalware.

  • Great to use on any of your arms, armour, cutlery, cauldrons.
  • Easy to use.
  • Works great on rust, ground in dirt, oil and any welded on food residue!
  • Length: 8cm (3.1"), width: 5cm (2"), depth: 2cm (0.75").

WSPS1 - Pimpstone:
£7.00 (US$ | €)