Viking Fire Lighting Supplies

Viking flints, fire lighting kits, tinder pouches, steel strikers & fire starters

We have all the kit you need to make a fire on this page, with Viking steel strikers, firesteels, tinder pouches, tinder kits, Saami reindeer tinder pouches and flint flakes.

Firesteels & Fire Strikers

CA6314 - Swedish Firesteel

CA6314 - Swedish Firesteel

Hand-forged Viking firesteel from Sweden.

  • Hand forged from hardened high carbon steel.
  • Will produces sparks when stuck against the sharp edge of a flint flake.
  • Also known as a fire striker or strike-a-light.
  • Produced in Sweden.
  • Length 70mm (2.75").

CA6314 - Swedish Firesteel:
£15.00 (US$ | €)

CA2201 - Swedish Firestriker

CA2201 - Swedish Firestriker

Swedish fire steel with antler handle, leather thong & etched design.

  • The Swedish fire steel is a ferrocerium-based fire starter originally developed for the Swedish Ministry of Defence.
  • It creates a shower of sparks at temperatures of around 3,000 degrees Celsius that can be used to ignite a campfire.
  • It can also operate in damp conditions.
  • When scraped with the back of a knife, or any other metal object, the FireSteel gives off small metal shavings which then spontaneously ignite.
  • Also known as a fire striker or strike-a-light.
  • Length 10cm (4").

CA2201 - Swedish Firestriker:
£15.00 (US$ | €)

Flint Flakes

Superior quality flakes of British flint stone for use with steel strikers.

WLFF - Flint Flake

WLFF - Flint Flake

Superior quality large flint stone.

  • Hand-foraged in the UK.
  • Use it with your firesteel to create sparks and start a fire.
  • Essential camping item.
  • Natural flint stone, so sizes, shape & colour will vary.
  • Length 5 - 8cm (2 - 3.15"), width 2 - 4cm (0.8 - 1.6").

WLFF - Flint Flake:
£1.00 (US$ | €)

Tinder Kits

Traditional Viking fire lighting kits with flints and a selection of tinders. Some are available as full kits with steel strikers, some you can buy without and we also have just plain leather drawstring pouches to use with your own tinder kits at the bottom of the page.

MCTP - Tinder Kit

MCTP - Tinder Kit with CA6314 steel striker

Fire lighting kit in a leather pouch - available with or without a steel striker.

  • Contains a small flint stone, parched linen tinder, hemp rope tinder, birch bark tinder (peel thin strips off the bark to use) and a piece spring pine stump infused with flammable resin (curl shavings off with a knife to ignite).
  • Choose below to have it with or without a CA6314 steel striker.
  • Essential camping item.
  • Easy to carry compact size with a leather drawstring.
  • Back in stock now!

MCTP1 - Tinder Kit:
£12.00 (US$ | €)

MCTP2 - Tinder Pouch with CA6314 Steel Striker:
£25.00 (US$ | €)

CA6307 / 6308 - Saami Firelighting Kit

CA6308 - Saami Firelighting Kit

Saami firelighting kit - available with or without a reindeer skin pouch.

  • Contains a flint stone, a swedish firesteel, Amadou tinder (made from bracket fungi), shavings of "fat wood" from Scandinavian pine tree stumps and a bundle of last year's dried grass.
  • Choose below to have it with or without a reindeer skin pouch.
  • An upgrade on the simple firelighting kit above.
  • Includes small instruction booklet.

CA6307 - Saami Firelighting Kit:
£38.00 (US$ | €)

CA6308 - Saami Firelighting Kit with Reindeer Skin Pouch:
£75.00 (US$ | €)

Tinder Pouches

CA6361 - Reindeer Skin Tinder Pouch

CA6361 - Reindeer Skin Tinder Pouch

Reindeer skin tinder bag with leather drawstring.

  • Made in Swedish Lapland to a traditional Saami design from 1.2mm bark tanned leather from freely grazing reindeer.
  • ater repellant, thin, lightweight and very durable. With embossed reindeer logo.
  • Dimensions: 23cm (9") x 11cm (4.3") x 6cm (2.35").

CA6361 - Reindeer Skin Tinder Pouch:
£40.00 (US$ | €)

KRDPM - Leather Drawstring Pouch - Medium

KRDPM - Leather Drawstring Pouch - Medium

Leather drawstring tinder pouch.

  • Made in the UK from veg-tan leather.
  • Use it to store your tinder supplies in.
  • Other sizes available on our "pouches" page
  • Leather thong drawstring tie.
  • Length 19cm (7.5").

KRDPM - Leather Drawstring Pouch - Medium:
£12.00 (US$ | €)