Braided Leather Viking Necklaces

Braided Leather Viking necklaces

Braided leather Viking necklaces in 5 & 8mm widths, with a selection of silver or bronze, dragon or wolf heads. Choose either a butterfly fitting to hang your pendant on, a medium split ring to hang your Thor's hammer on, or simply just opt to have the leather necklace on it's own. Select below to see whether you like bronze or silver animal heads and then select whether your prefer Icelandic wolf heads, ferocious wolf heads, or Gotlandic dragon heads. The braided leather necklaces come in 4 different lengths and you can also choose to add a Viking pendant or Thor's hammer to complete your Viking necklace. If we don't have your preferred length, then we can also create a special order to make custom lengths. Our braided leather Viking necklaces have grown to become one of our most popular products, as they are great economical alternative to a Thor's hammer necklace and they are guaranteed to last! Enter your preferred choice below and see what we have to offer.