The Jelling Dragon - Order Failed

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What to do if your order has failed or been declined:

Occasionally orders fail down to one or more reasons.

Please check these common reasons below and see if you can order again:

  • Paypal has tightened it's policies so if you are using Paypal Express then check that your Paypal account is valid and confirmed.
  • Many US banks have tight policies and block overseas transactions, so check with your bank if they are doing this.
  • The billing address you have given does not match what your bank has on record.
  • There is a problem with your phone number. If you have used a cell / mobile phone number then try using your landline number instead.

If you are still having issues and want to complete your order then please just email us here and we can email you a payment request for your order and once confirmed we can mark it as paid and send your order out.