Viking Runestones

Viking runestones from Sweden

Copies of Viking runestones from mainland Sweden and Gotland.

Sweden has the largest number of surviving runestones than any other Scandinavian country, with around 2500 runestones discovered to present day. We have a selection of some the the most famous runestones from Sweden, scaled down so they can be displayed comfortably in your home as beautiful ornamental pieces. Each stone is free standing and they are handmade in Sweden from stone dust & resin and have the feel of real stone.

AY14 - Runestone from Lund, Skåne

AY14 - Runestone from Lund, Skåne

Ornamental upright replica of a runestone from Lund.

  • The inscription reads "Kå-Ulf and Auter errected this stone for Tume, their brother who owned the Gudis-snape."
  • Height 13cm (5").
  • Weight 250g (8.8oz).

AY14 - Runestone from Lund, Skåne:
£18.00 (US$ | €)

AY19 - Runestone from Sörmland

AY19 - Runestone from Sörmland

Ornamental upright replica of a runestone from Sörmland.

  • The inscription reads "Håmund-Ulf erected this stone for Rolf his father and for Őborg, her husband. They owned the village of Släbro. Frősten and Rolf were competent men."
  • Height 12cm (4.5").
  • Weight 170g (6oz).

AY19 - Runestone from Sörmland:
£18.00 (US$ | €)

AY35 - Runestone from östergötland

AY35 - Runestone from Östergötland

Ornamental upright replica of the Rökstenen runestone from Östergötland.

  • The Rökstenen runsetone in Östergötland has the longest known runic inscription with almost 800 characters. Runes cover all sides of the stone.
  • The unique inscription on this runestone contains several allusions to heroic poems and legends from the 10th century that have now been lost to us. One stanza near the middle is in exactly the same metre as the poetic Edda. It reads "At the time Tjodrik the brave, Chieftain of the warriors at sea, ruled the shore of the sea of Reid. Now he is on horseback armed, on his gotic horse, with shield on his shoulder, the most important of märingar."
  • Height 15cm (6").
  • Weight 445g (15.7oz).

AY35 - Runestone from Östergötland:
£18.00 (US$ | €)