Norse Mythology Pendants - Silver

All the Norse mythology pendants below are in solid 925 sterling silver

Most of our Viking pendants are available in either 925 sterling silver, or a rich golden bronze. We also have a selection of pendants in amber, iron, natural quartz crystal and polished wood. Some of our Viking pendants are direct replicas, some have Viking designs taken from Viking artifacts and others are modern interpretations of old Norse jewelry.

AD140 - Valkyrie / Shield Maiden Pendant - Silver

AD140 - Valkyrie Pendant - silver

A direct replica of a 10th Century pendant found in Denmark.

  • Viking warriors may wear such a pendant into battle so that their souls would be carried to Valhalla.
  • Thought to be either a representation of a shield maiden, or of a Valkyrie.
  • Click here for bronze version.
  • Dimensions: 36mm (1.4") x 10mm (0.4") x 10mm (0.4").
  • Hole 3mm (0.1").
  • Weight 19g (0.65oz).

AD140 - Valkyrie / Shield Maiden Pendant - Silver:
£129.00 (US$ | €)

PLV223 - Yggdrasil Pendant - Silver

PLV223 - Yggdrasil Pendant - Silver

Yggdrasil - the tree of life.

  • An eternal green ash tree that was believed to have grown in Asgard and so vast that it's branches stretched across all 9 realms!
  • Click here for bronze version.
  • With added silver loop so it can hang from any chain / thong.
  • Dimensions: 43mm (1.7") x 34mm (1.35") x 3mm (0.1").
  • Loop hole 4mm (0.15").
  • Weight 7.75g (0.25oz).

PLV223 - Yggdrasil Pendant - Silver:
£49.00 (US$ | €)