Viking Ship Pendants - Silver

All the Viking ship pendants below are in solid 925 sterling silver

Most of our Viking pendants are available in either 925 sterling silver, or a rich golden bronze. We have many more Viking ship pendants in solid bronze. Click here to see our bronze Viking ship pendants. Some of our Viking pendants are direct replicas, some have Viking designs taken from Viking artefacts and others are modern interpretations of old Norse jewelry.

SNVS1 - Viking ship pendant - Silver

SNVS1 - Viking ship pendant - silver

Copy of an original design from a Gotland picture stone.

  • Ship design with hollow back.
  • Dimensions: 24mm (0.9") x 21mm (0.8") x 3mm (0.1").
  • Hole 3mm (0.1").
  • Weight 6g (0.2oz).
  • Click here for bronze version.

SNVS1 - Viking ship pendant - Silver:
£39.00 (US$ | €)