Silver Viking necklaces

Silver Viking necklaces

Handmade silver necklaces with anchor links / snake chains & finished with dragon, or wolf heads

Solid silver Viking necklaces worn as luck charms or ostentatious displays of wealth. All of Viking the necklaces on this page are entirely handmade from solid 925 silver. The heads / loops are designed to hold small butterfly fittings / small split rings, or a simple s-clasp to complete the necklace. To wear on their own then you can just use the butterfly fitting / s-clasp that they come with as standard. To attach a pendant then please just request that you have a butterfly fitting with the chain. It is recommended that you get a chain that is long enough to slip over your head, as otherwise you will have to open and close your clasp every time you want to put on and take off your chain. Any chains not appearing below are currently unavailable, but if you have a specific width & length then please email us as we can get them made for you.

Slim Silver Anchor Chains

SN3AW - 3mm Anchor Chain with Icelandic Wolf Heads - Silver

SN3AW - 3mm Anchor Chain with Icelandic Wolf Heads & AD10 - Silver

Sterling silver cast wolf heads with sterling silver anchor chain.

  • Cast sterling silver terminals with handmade anchor linked chain.
  • Chain is made from 925 sterling silver links.
  • Comes with sterling silver butterfly fitting, s-clasp, or small split ring as standard.
  • Choose to upgrade to a larger butterfly fitting, or split ring & choose to add a silver pendant.
  • To view our silver pendants then click "here" to view our full selection.
SN3AW - 3mm Anchor Chain with Icelandic Wolf Heads - Silver:
From - £43.00 (US$ | €)

Basic slim silver chains

Thin silver link chains in 1.5 & 2.5mm widths for hanging your pendants on.

CGVVBAHA / CGVVBBHA - Slim / Medium Silver Chain

CG Silver Chains

Simple silver chains in 2 sizes with ring, or lobster clasp.

  • Chain is made from 925 sterling silver links.
  • Can be worn on its own, or with a pendant / Thor's hammer.
  • Length 45cm (17.75").
  • Weight: Slim - 2.2g, Medium - 4.9g.

CGVVBAHA - Slim Silver Chain - 45cm:
£11.00 (US$ | €)

CGVVBBHA - Medium Silver Chain - 45cm:
£18.00 (US$ | €)

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