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TKVK6 - Viking knife with razor-sharp Damascus steel blade, birch & brass handle with brass fittings and fitted sheath.

TK Viking Knife 6

Beautiful and elaborate Viking knife with razor-sharp Damascus (pattern-welded) blade and polished birch handle, with a leather sheath and stamped brass decorations.

The sheath has been made to precisely fit the knife, so it won't slip out during walking, running, fighting or dancing!

The blade is so sharp it shaves! It is forged using authentic pattern-welding technique used in Viking times and the many layers of spring and mild steel create wonderful, elaborate patterns.
Shape of blade is historically correct and based on original Viking knives. The edge is made of spring steel to prevent from rapid blunting.

The simple handle is made of oak wood with a rivetted brass end. The brass ring at the end is for easy release.

The amazing sheath is based on finds from Birka, Sweden and is totally handmade using natural brown cow leather, with a hand-stamped brass plate and rivetted brass ring to suspend the knife on a chain or belt.

Total length of knife : 21cm (8.25")
Length of blade 10.3cm (4.1")
Width of blade (at the widest point) : 2.1cm (0.8")
Length of handle 10.5cm (4.2") + ring (2cm (0.8") in diameter)
Total length of knife in sheath : 22cm (8.75") + 2cm (0.8") ring
Handle : Birch wood and brass

TK Viking Knife 6

Pattern-welding (also called damascus steel) is a technique known from ancient times and it consists on forge-welding layers of mild steel and high carbon steel.
The metal alloy is then twisted and forged again, then the cutting edge is forge-welded to it.
The last steps are forging the final shape of the blade, annealing, hardening, tempering, grinding and etching.
The beautiful pattern is revealed during the process of etching and is caused by the mixed composition of steel layers as they react differently with the acid.
Each blade is unique!

TK Viking Knife blade

Total weight with sheath: 140g (4.5oz).

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