Viking Hats & Hoods

Viking Hats & Hoods

Viking nalbinding hats / caps & Hedeby hoods in 100% pure wool. Part of our Viking clothing range, our Viking hats / caps are made by the ancient art of nalbinding and the hoods are hand-stitched wool with a linen lining.

Keep your head warm with our authentic wool nalbinded Viking hats, or your head and neck warm with our wool Viking hoods.

The nalbinding hats come in a variety of colours, from natural grey, to plant dyed green or yellow. The hoods are stocked in black and green, but custom colours can be ordered.

Wool Viking Hedeby hoods

MMH1 - Wool Viking hood from Hedeby

MMH1 - Wool Viking hood from Hedeby

Hedeby wool hood with natural linen lining.

  • Dark green hoods in stock, black hoods will be back late December.
  • Other colours available on request.
  • Stock hoods available for immediate despatch.
  • Other colours made to order in 4-6 weeks.
MMH1 - Wool Viking Hood from Hedeby
£55.00 (US$ | €)

Wool nalbinding hats

PEHA1 - Wool Nalbinding Hat / Cap.

PEHA1 - Wool Nalbinding Hat

Completely handmade Viking hat / cap in the traditional way from pure wool.

  • Hand-woven using ancient nalbinding techniques.
  • Different colours & patterns available.
  • Standard size, but can vary slightly.

PEHA1 - Wool Nalbinding Hat.
£45.00 (US$ | €)