Viking Hedeby hoods & nalbinding hats

Wool Viking hoods from Hedeby & authentic wool nalbinding hats.

Hoods made from plant dyed pure wool, hand stitched with linen thread and a natural linen lining & natural wool hats.

Wool Viking Hedeby hoods

MMH1 - Wool Viking hood from Hedeby

MMH1 - Wool Viking hood from Hedeby

Hedeby wool hood with natural linen lining.

  • Available in green & black.
  • Other colours available on request.
  • Stock hoods available for immediate despatch.
  • Other colours made to order in 4-6 weeks.
MMH1 - Wool Viking Hood from Hedeby
£55.00 (US$ | €)

Wool nalbinding hats

PEHA1 - Wool Nalbinding Hat.

PEHA1 - Wool Nalbinding Hat

Completely handmade in the traditional way from pure wool.

  • Hand-woven using ancient nalbinding techniques.
  • Different colours & patterns available.
  • Standard size, but can vary slightly.

PEHA1 - Wool Nalbinding Hat.
£45.00 (US$ | €)