Viking musical instruments

From time to time we get Viking lyres in stock and other musical instruments from Viking and Medieval times. Any that we have will be listed on that page, otherwise please email us if you have a request for a particular instrument.

GAVL1 - Handmade Viking / Saxon Lyre

GAVL1 - Handmade Viking / Saxon Lyre

Reproduction of a typical Viking/Saxon lyre, found at various sites around the UK & Europe.

  • Entirely handmade from pine wood and we have had natural & mahogany coloured versions.
  • Length: 57cm (22.5"). Width at widest point: 20cm (8"). Depth: 2cm (0.75").
  • Weight: 390g (0.85 lb).

GAVL1 - Handmade Viking / Saxon Lyre: Out of stock!