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Our Viking jewelry / jewellery is handmade from either solid 925 sterling silver, a rich golden bronze, hand-forged iron, or natural amber. Each piece of our Viking jewelry is either a replica of an original Viking artefact, or has designs taken from an original Viking artefact.

Due to the complexity of their form, each piece of silver or bronze Viking jewelry must be individually cast using a lost wax process, the same technique that was used by the ancient Viking smiths to produce their masterpieces. A wax master is used to create a mold for each item into which molten bronze or silver is poured. The mould is then destroyed in order to remove the casting and each individual piece of jewelry is then finished and polished by hand. The end result is simply the finest quality Viking jewelry you will ever see. Each piece of Viking jewelry is a solid, chunky and heavy piece unless otherwise specified.

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