Viking Spearheads / Spear Heads

Re-enactment, Battle Ready, Decorative & sharp Viking Spearheads / Spear Heads

Blunt versions are designed for re-enactment & sharpened version are for display & education.
You must be over 18 years of age in order to purchase any of our sharp spearheads!

Re-enactment Spearheads / Spear Heads

We have spearheads in stock for use in Viking / Medieval re-enactment. Unfortunately we do not sell spears though as the shafts are too long to post to most places.

PHXB0050 - Medium Re-Enactment Spearhead.

PHXB0050 - Medium Re-Enactment Spearhead

Medium sized re-enactment spearhead for Viking or Medieval.

  • Total length 34cm (13.4"). Blade length 19cm (7.5"). Socket length 13.5cm (5.3").
  • Blade width at widest point 40mm (1.6"). Socket internal diameter 27mm (1.1"). Edge 3mm (0.1").
  • Thickness at point 12mm (0.5"). Weight 375g (13.20z).

PHXB0050 - Medium Re-Enactment Spearhead:
£25.00 (US$ | €)

Decorative Spearheads / Spear Heads

PHXH2039 - Viking Spear Head

PHXH2039 - Viking Spear Head

A copy of an original Viking spear head made from steel.

  • The socket is decorated with intricate patterns.
  • Length 16 inches (40cm), Blade width at widest 35mm (1.35"). Thickness at thickest 14mm (0.6").
  • Socket internal diameter 26mm (1").
  • Weight 340g (12oz).
  • For decorative purposes only, not for combat, but great for educational displays.

PHXH2039 - Viking Spear Head:
£57.00 (US$ | €)