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Battle ready Viking and Early Medieval helmets, shield bosses and gauntlets.

Viking Helmets Viking Shields and Bosses Chainmail Armour Viking Leather Armor Protective gauntlets Padded armour / Gambesons

All our helmets are hand-made from 16-gauge (1.5mm) or thicker steel using traditional methods. With padding and suitable lining they are designed to withstand blows from a blunt re-enactment (steel) sword. Each comes complete with an adjustable leather chinstrap. Helmets can be made to order to your own size.

Germanic and Viking shield bosses hand forged or made from steel spinnings.

Natural butted 16-gauge chainmail armour.

Leather and linen padded gauntlets for ultimate protection.

Knee length, ¾ sleeve padded body armour to wear either as a standalone piece or under your outer armour.