Whitby Jet for sale

Foraged by hand from the Yorkshire coast of England, sea-washed jet such as this has been used for centuries to make shiny black jewelry. Many examples can be found from the Viking age in the form of pendants, rings, necklaces & other adornments.

Whitby jet is now a relative rarity to find, as all the main seams were mined out during the Victorian era when jet jewelry became incredibly fashionable.

SSWJP - Raw Whitby Jet Pieces

SSWJP - Raw Whitby Jet Pieces

Raw, sea-washed natural whitby jet pieces.

  • Each piece is about 2 - 7cm (0.8 - 2.75") long and has been polished by the action of the sea.
  • Raw Whitby Jet for sale by weight in 50g (1.75oz) & 100g (3.5oz) batches.
  • Use it to make jewelry & other decorations.

SSWJP1 - Raw Whitby Jet Pieces (100g):
£29.00 (US$ | €)

SSWJP2 - Raw Whitby Jet Pieces (50g):
£15.00 (US$ | €)